“One to One” Course Feedback Comments

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2013 Feedback

“My objective was to explore the design process relating to custom faceted gemstones and turning a prototype design into a practical design. I feel that I am much further forward and can put new ideas into practice. Help with the setting and finishing processes and the equipment to use was much appreciated and will make for higher quality output and ease of fabrication. I now need to practice and ideally I would have another session in 6 to 12 months to review progress and improve further. I am an entirely satisfied customer who has met his objective and for me it is good value. Many thanks.”
Phil Pegg, April 2013

“A fantastic enjoyable experience and would definitely recommend to everyone.”
Sarah Green and Mark, May 2013

“The explanations were good and I like the list you gave for what would be needed in the future, you are a very patient teacher!”
Catriona Barrett, March 2013

“I really enjoyed my lessons, the views from the house are lovely and equipment/facility of the workshop is good. I found your teaching style to be just what I needed and enjoyed chatting with you. I think I’ve still a long way to go before being able to make decent pieces but look forward to trying again in the near future. Many thanks.”
Cherrie Daley, March 2013

“Yvonne, thank you so much for helping us make our wedding rings. We were very grateful that you encouraged us to use recycled gold and talked us through each process, demonstrating where appropriate and allowing us to make the rings from start to finish! We were totally amazed by the end products — we can't wait to receive them this week — it all still seems like a bit of a dream!

We'd also like to thank you for allowing us to look at some of the other jewellery you have made — without this, I would still be without an engagement ring! I have worn the beautiful emerald every day since we bought it from you. Thank you so much — we will definitely recommend you to our friends and I imagine at some point, you'll see us again, with our leftover recycled gold!”
Sally Hill and Barry, February 2013

“I really enjoyed the course and I’m very pleased with the jewellery I produced. As a result I am looking to buy some tools to recreate the ring I made and start practicing making other types of silver jewellery — I have lots of ideas! I would definitely recommend the course to others interested in making silver jewellery, and would love to come back to learn new techniques.”
Joanne Lee, February 2013

“I think I impressed everyone with my pendant when they realised I started with a rough piece of silver and I told them all the processes I had been through. I had a great day, learning so much that I was exhausted on the way home. Thanks for all the skills and knowledge that you gave me, I have used some of the techniques for different purposes already and am much more confident to experiment.”
Liz Scragg, February 2013