“One to One” Course Feedback Comments

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2012 Feedback

“The course totally lived up to my expectations - it really was just what I wanted - I really hunted around to find a custom course - and it was perfect. You do a great job of explaining the jewellery processes. Your food was fantastic - your house is just lovely and I loved my bed!!”
Michelle Johnson, September 2012

“An excellent start to what will be a wonderful hobby, everything was tremendous.”
Carol Wilson, August 2012

“I must say that your hospitality was faultless and the one to one tuition really invigorated my interest in creative thinking. Good Food too.”
Richard Peeke, July 2012

“My family still cannot believe I made the two pieces of jewellery, they say they are so professional! I am so pleased and delighted with my new jewellery and they have lovely memories when I wear them, of my Mum for the gold I used and also the two lovely days I spent making them. Thank you Yvonne. You are an amazing lady, a wonderful teacher and a brilliant jeweller.”
Sue Fitzgerald, June 2012

“The course was even better than I expected although my expectations were high. I’m very happy with all the jewellery we made, the food and accommodation were very good. Above all you are an excellent tutor.”
Setsu Evans, March 2012

“It was a good day and learning experience. You taught me several aspects of silversmithing that I did not previously know. Using a grinding wheel instead of spending hours with sand paper was a revelation, sawing correctly and hammering. Your patience, natural teaching ability with one to one tuition was much appreciated. I was highly delighted with the vase. Having started the project, I would not have completed it without your tuition and assistance, thank you.”
Patricia Hewitt, February 2012

“I felt very comfortable with you and you didn’t take over. Your comments when I wasn’t doing it right were just right, didn’t feel put down. I felt very trustful with you. I am delighted with the pendant, have shown it the family and my neighbours.”
Vicki Whelan, February 2012